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Duct Cleaning

Commercial Duct Cleaning

This is one of our SERVPRO technicians performing a commercial duct cleaning. Here at SERVPRO of Carteret and East Onslow Counties we provide residential and commercial HVAC duct cleaning. It always good to make sure your HVAC duct lines are free from dust and depris for it can be hazardous to yout HVAC system, your home and also to your health. Call us today to get those HVAC duct lines clean!

Male holding certificate


Tony is SERVPRO of Carteret and East Onslow Counties technician chief. Tony has been with us for over a year now and is a huge asset to our team, Tony is always the first to respond to emergency calls no matter the day or time. We trust him to run his team to the best of their abilities. We thank Tony for all he does for SERVPRO of Carteret and East Onslow Counites!  

male employee holding two certificates


Paul is our production manager and he is certified in water, fire and mold and he also has Xactimate certification. Paul is a huge asset to our team and we thank him for all he contributes to our team! 

female in front of green van holding fire and crew training certificate

Crew member Jackie

Crew member Jackie gets her fire and crew training certificate, she is a hard worker and she doesn't mind getting her hands dirty, we appreciate her and thank her for all she does for our team!

Servpro office building

SERVPRO of Carteret and East Onslow Counties

We are so proud of our State of the Art facility here in Swansboro NC. We are in a convenient area so we can properly serve all of Carteret county and East Onslow County.